Welcome to Kenneth Ravn Ottesen`s page.

Kenneth Ravn Ottesen has made a series of paintings that deal with life and the obstacles that it may present.
At an early stage I started pondering and thinking, dark and depressed thoughts about life. The first pictures were created, subconsciously in 1989, but weren`t put on paper until 1994. Since then I`ve been working hard, turning many different thoughts into different paintings dealing with different difficult thoughts and situations.

The period 1996-1998 was a mental low period for me. When looking at the paintings from this period you see that the mental shape in which I found myself has set its mark on the paintings.


During the last year I have had several exhibitions with my pictures.
Many of these paintings are heavy and dark. The intention is to create a "window" through to the communal disease that is chronic anxiety and depression.
The artwork also serves as an outlet for my own thoughts.

Although it is practically impossible I have tried to describe the suffering
of the illness with my paintings.

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